A Cardiff Story

What makes a city a home? That’s the question I’m asking myself today as I ride back to my flat. There’s an intermittent, gentle precipitation, rays of sunlight pierce through a cool breeze, reviving the senses. In mere minutes, I have shifted from a bustling city centre, to a garden oasis. Read the rest here: … More A Cardiff Story

The road to Paris

Me and my bicycle, Princess, got on a boat and headed towards the Northern coast of France. I was feeling tired after spending the night in a dodgy Brighton B&B, though I was excited for this new adventure. I had packed light, deciding only to take my one pannier sack and a small carrier containing … More The road to Paris

BRB, going for a ride

They talk of cogs and wires, dirtied limbs, exhausted tyres, crippled spokes on sinking mires. Yet to me an extension, of my worldly dimension, Yes! I will mention this sound invention, that has brought to me such spiritual ascension. Inanimate soul, just know, that I am ageing flesh and bone, where I ride you’ll go, then in … More BRB, going for a ride